Kaliber Valere Series

Self-Contained Cooking Stations

Integrated Induction Appliances
Integrated UL300 Fire Suppression System
Four Stage Filtration System
Listed in Compliance with  ANSI/UL710B Standard
Listed in Compliance with ANSI/NSF2 Standard
Meets NFPA-96 Code Requirements
Custom Laminate Options for Side and Back Panels
Supply Voltage: 208/240AC Single Phase, 60hz 38A

Available in the following appliance configurations.

  • Induction Griddle/Hob
  • Induction Griddle/WOK
  • Induction Hob/Hob
  • Induction Hob/Wok
  • Induction WOK/WOK

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The Valere series mobile cooking station is an innovative approach to food preparation. Integrated with state of the art induction appliances, recirculating air-filtration and UL300 fire suppression systems, it eliminates the need for external ventilation.

It’s a self-contained front-of-house cooking solution that is perfect for hotels, restaurants, resorts, cafeterias, malls, grocery stores and convention centers or anywhere traditional Type-1 hoods and duct-work are impractical or too expensive.  It gives food service operators the ability to fully engage their customers, expand their menu and grow their business in areas not possible before.



The recirculating air-filtration system provides significant energy savings when compared to a standard hood.  Our Cooking station automatically turns off when you’re done cooking so you’re not wasting energy.  Using Induction Appliances our cooking station provides significant energy savings when compared to gas or standard electric appliances.

In fact, the Induction Hob provides 50% more energy savings than gas open tops.  Induction appliances are extremely energy efficient because most of the energy goes into heating the cooking vessel and not the surrounding air.  Very low heat dissipation results in cooler working environment and reduced energy costs.  The integrated induction griddle has extremely quick heat-up time and can reach 450°F in as little as  4 1/2 Min so you can spend more time cooking and less waiting.

Why Ventless Cooking Station?

Ventless Offers Flexibility and Versatility!
Front-Of-House Open Kitchen Concept!
Eliminate Traditional Overhead Ventilation Costs!

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Our Mobile Cooking Stations


Our Valere Series Cooking Stations Meet NFPA-96 Code and are integrated with a UL300 Fire Suppression System


Induction Appliances provide significant energy savings when compared to gas or standard electric appliances.


Proven mobile cooking solution. No smoke, no grease and no fire hazard.


The Integrated Four-Stage Filtration and Fire Suppression Systems allow food preparation in locations previously not considered or possible.


Our ventless cooking station gives you the ability engage your customers and expand your menu into non-revenue spaces.